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NOTE: This is a dynamic document and will be updated frequently to reflect the ever growing collection of articles.

gm gm, I’m 0xksure and I write mostly about Rust development and Solana development. I’m mathematician by study and developer by trade. I have a lot of experience in backend development, but have also done my fair share of frontend work and general sdk work using typescript.

If you are new to rust and would like to get up and running I would check out Rust in less than a coffee break.

For others that find it a bit difficult with different Errors flying all over the place it could be interested to learn about Control your Errors by owning it.

Solana development

If you view yourself as a novice or even intermediate in Rust programming then getting your hands dirty by minting some tokens using the Rust SDK might spike your interest. If you want to go into Solana smart contract development then learning how to transfer tokens between accounts is a must starting point.

Over time the folder structure of Solana programs has more or less converged to one common used template. This intuitive way of structuring Solana programs is discussed here.

Bugs and Errors

As you are probably familiar with, developing on Solana is often reffered to as eating glass. Now, this has changed a lot with the introduction of key devx pieces like the Anchor framework. However, errors are still a bit hard to debug on Solana.

Here is a list of some bugs that I have found and tried to debug


Sure is a risk marketplace where users can speculate on the risk of almost anything. I’m currently working on this as a side project and we welcome contributions 🙏

If you want to learn more about our Oracle then I would recommend you to check out The oracle is basically the underlying of the risk marketplace.

Want to learn more

Besides writing longer articles I also provide my 2 cents on Twitter and try to keep as much of my work open source on github. You can also find me on discord as 0xksure#7478.